The Greater my Love is (A Ciel x Reader x Alois lemon) REMAKE

The Greater my Love is (A Ciel x Reader x Alois lemon) REMAKE

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Ashe By AsheSnoweangels Updated Jan 18, 2016

Ciel and Alois are fighting over you...but how do you tell them you've already had them both?

(I have lost my old account but i am FINALLY finishing his story on my new account. 
i am very sorry to my fans for any inconveniences i may have caused.)

Love ya fans! ^3^

Aneciya its F-I-N-N-Y she or he almost  spelled it right you the one who's wrong just telling the truth 😊☕️
paperchann paperchann Aug 25
sure i have a crush on you and you're hot and all, but it's gonna be harder for you to make me bawl my fuckin eyeballs out
Ginerva29 Ginerva29 Mar 12
So Ciel is a little jealous pup and wants me all for himself 😏😏😏
Ginerva29 Ginerva29 Mar 12
This is so me. I almost always do the opposite of what men told me to do. Any men really, father, grandfather, classmate even my crush. I am known as Haiduk because of me strong personality and strength also facial and body hair but that is not important
aneciya aneciya Dec 29, 2016
Dear, Alois go call claude
                              a SPIDER PIG 
                              Sincerely, anime_lover
aneciya aneciya Dec 29, 2016
It's F-I-N-N-I not F-I-N-N-E-Y hahahahahahhahaahh finney hahahahaha you dont know how to spell