Your Loss, My Gain

Your Loss, My Gain

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Kota123456 By Kota123456 Updated Jan 25

Kota is the one that they always call when they need help.  Maybe this time it will be to his advantage.

This is my first attempt at writing, so please go easy on me.  I have had this idea in my head for some time and I need to get it out.  Any help is appreciated!

Disclaimer:  The characters and original story line were created by CL Stone.  Thank you for creating this wonderful world.

wakingupembarrassed wakingupembarrassed Dec 28, 2016
OMG! BRAIN! How could you be so naughty? Obviously Sang is referring to their pet skunk, Sprinkles, and not Luke's little big limb. 😂😂
BamaRose BamaRose Apr 16, 2016
Omg I've been meaning to read this but lost it in my library just now got a notification for the new chapter so prepare for spam votes and commenra
je11ybean262 je11ybean262 Jan 07, 2016
That was an extremely well thought out response. True to my way of thinking, too. Great chapter!
JuliaHigginsAlston JuliaHigginsAlston Jan 05, 2016
I'm pretty sure that she would love to go because it is something that kota likes to do and she can spend time with him doing something he enjoys.
marthaclanton marthaclanton Jan 03, 2016
As usual, I must agree with Anon.  That was beautifully done!
anon2404 anon2404 Jan 03, 2016
That was fabulous.  I love how you integrated things we know from canon into a really good answer from Luke.  If you're still writing I won't be sad.  I love this.