The Cat on the Balcony

The Cat on the Balcony

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Mom? By IAmDunWithYou Completed


Josh moves to Columbus right before his junior year of high school. He meets his next door neighbor, Tyler, by climbing up onto to the balcony outside of Tyler's room at 2 AM trying to get his cat back. Awkward.

Cover by: @hbufrnk

GeesusIsEmo GeesusIsEmo Jul 10
Did he tell the story of when he was a young boy? The one where his father took him to the city?
HOW IS IT THAT YOU(how is it that you), COULDNT GO TO TACO BELL (taco bell)
FyreIce369 FyreIce369 Jun 21
I'm not a hardcore joshler shipper and I've not really read any stories on it (if any, I don't remember) but the description. Yes. I'm reading this.
I feel like if Tyler said this everyone would be like "this is a metaphor for how life holds you back with it's tight grip and that grip is represented by the seatbelt which prevented him from reaching his main goal which at the time was to get put of the car."
ela0219 ela0219 Jul 21
I'm actually in a car and gonna be in here for the past 10 hours, but it's night so it's okay
ela0219 ela0219 Jul 21
I wish I had neighbors in my age, there are only adults and small children