The Nerd is the Alpha's Mate

The Nerd is the Alpha's Mate

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Luna Carmela By alemracsofabulous05 Updated Jul 31

Can you forgive the guy who hurt you the most. The guy who cause you misery and pain in every single day that you've been in school. The guy who lied to you. The guy who told you he loves you then the next he will just act like nothing happened at all. And most of all, can you forgive the man who ALMOST REJECTED YOU?

Lily Swift is a normal nerd with braces and big nerdy glasses. She was being bullied at school. She has older brother that was also a nerd like her, but people don't know that there is something more in that nerd that they Don't know.
Jared Style is the Alpha's son. He is the future alpha. He is just preparing himself and he's just waiting for his mate. He dreamed of living a happy life with his Luna and make their pack the strongest of them all. But Jared didn't know that his dream is not that easy to came true. 

What will happen if Jared discovered that his mate is a human? What can happen if Lily discovered about Jared and her life change?

Wattypad100 Wattypad100 Mar 25
I'm sticking with you until the end. We girls stick together.
HAHAHAHA your so funny
4wolves2 4wolves2 Mar 13
She's so like me. I did the same thing on my first day with my bff Michael
You know, if my dad asked me that I would have burnt to death in the roast
"Um sir/mam have you ever written a book"
                              "Uhh yeah"
                              "I cannot find one under your name"
                              "Oh look under alemracsofabulous05"
                              "Ah there it is"
Yes that is the sound of a bell isn't it 
                              *british laugh* "RING!! Ohohoho"