Luna My Ass

Luna My Ass

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A. L. Winter By AmythestWinter Updated Jun 07

WARNING: Wattpad has placed some chapters as private in this book, meaning you will have to follow me. 

"You are mine," he shouts, the people staring now. 
Looking back at my mate, I simply smirk. "Fuck you!" I chirp, walking with a spring in my step. 
"I'm your mate. You are my Luna," he growls. 
As I pass through the exit, I spare him one last glance. "Luna my ass."


Eden had always wanted a mate, at least, that's what she thought until she met him, Theodore Braxton, the player of her school and future Alpha of the AshWood pack. 
So maybe rejecting him the way she did wasn't the wisest thing she's ever done, especially with the language. Plus, everyone knows the Alpha always gets what he wants. 
Even if the actions are not the wisest. 

"This story is amazing, so different from all the others."

"I think I'm addicted."

"Best book of the year for me."

"Slay Queen. I love sensible protagonists."

"I live for this."

"Great suspense."

"I love this book."
DISCLAIMER: This book involves language, sexual content, and dark elements. You've been warned.

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Faze7023 Faze7023 Oct 06
There's another story that's called Luna my a$$, that's where I came from... And it was amazing, and this is just as good🔥🔥🔥its lit af!
JaneeCrow JaneeCrow Sep 23
Why did (would) Wattpad do that? Unless of course, the mature content is VERY MATURE. In which case, I'm down with that.
JaneeCrow JaneeCrow Sep 23
                              And this needs to be broken up a bit. Paragraph wise.
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Thats not really possible i play soccer and thats never happened
What's with you and navy I don't mind but it's always navy in your story's