I Think I'm In Love Again: Ziam

I Think I'm In Love Again: Ziam

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heartless🍂 By castielxdean Updated Oct 18, 2016

When you've been hurt so many times Its kind of hard to fall in love with someone again, but when you do fall you can only hope they catch you when you land or your left to pick up the broken pieces of your own heart, again.

Or the one where Zayn is the father of a beautiful four year old girl whos dad doesn't know she was even conceived because he left before he could be told.

What happens when the man known as Liam Payne the R&B artist, comes back to his small home town because his sister gets hurt? And little does he knows his child is at the same exact hospital.

Inspired by the song; I think I'm in love again by Kat Dahlia

Side ships : Larry ,Nosh , and peleanor

Warning: BoyXBoy, Mpreg,and motherfucking rainbows

©castielxdean steal mah story and I'll steal your children -_- Unless they're bad though if they're  bad you can keep em

liamsnegrita liamsnegrita Jul 30, 2016
First u wake me up and then u tryna be smart w me; getcho ass away from me
liamsnegrita liamsnegrita Jul 30, 2016
I woulda smack her ass off the bed, straight back to her room
haylorsprincess haylorsprincess Nov 21, 2016
Lmao I can't read this we always call my friend Lena Lana to annoy her