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tashany56 By tashany56 Updated Jun 30, 2017

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Gazing down the barrel of a loaded
Ak47, I smile and step forward
Pressing my head to the warm metal.
The enemy hesitates to seal my fate.

Russian roulette one bullet six holes five tries click, click, click,click,click
Most say I'm sick, I'm dancing with death Following his footsteps . I'm not a 
Mad man its just I was born  to do this. Rule, Lead and never surrender one's heart, take what you want, and never back down.

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SaraTriplett3 SaraTriplett3 Jun 24, 2017
This reminds me about Finland and Sweeden's relationship in the anime Hetalia! "I am Sweeden and this is my wife."
XBierzynski XBierzynski Mar 12, 2017
Please...no...dont use japanese words in an english sentence. Itd be fine if you knew what leaving was in japanese but its cringy when only one word is in english. Please...just stop.
bowlingjif bowlingjif Oct 25, 2017
I have this impulse that tells me we would be great friends :)
YaoiAngel13 YaoiAngel13 Oct 13, 2016
Love it! It is also fun to learn another language and customs too. ^ ^
LuciferJane LuciferJane Oct 20, 2016
Yeah! Prove those grammar fanatic wrong! I really like your intro though XD
CeciliaPiprah CeciliaPiprah Jul 19, 2016
I love the intro. Let the show begin. Looking forward to interesting stuffs. But hope u fine?