Kiera & The Mafia

Kiera & The Mafia

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DaydreamerNef By DaydreamerNef Updated Jan 06, 2016

Pain. Cold. Fear. These were the only things that my mind could comprehend at that moment. It wasn't anything cliche like the movies. I didn't think of my family, my friends or my lover. My life didn't flush before my eyes like a movie trailer. In fact, at that moment I only knew those three things and I wanted them to stop. My death was near and I was actually welcoming it.

Kiera's ordinary life came upside down after a chance encounter with a handsome stranger that looked like a Mafia character from a movie. After their first meeting Kiera kept seeing him everywhere like a ghost that was haunting her. Little did she know that a ghost would be better than delving into the darkness of his life.

Kiera's journey as she falls in love with Dante and delves into the world of Mafia is anything but ordinary .

  • action
  • adventure
  • italian
  • mafia
  • romance
Afire_ Afire_ Jan 07, 2016
It's a bit jumpy, it's very fast paced so I found it a little difficult to relate to the character, try and add more emotion. Otherwise, it was really nice and fast paced, perfect for an action story not a romantic one and very sweet. A classic.