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My King

My King

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Gotham_xo By Gotham_xo Updated 2 days ago

Highest Ranking #59 for Werewolf category on  5/5/17

I knew what people thought of me - Typical rich popular Spoilt brat who lacked any type of intelligence but they were Wrong about me. I was only popular due to my twin sister, I knew they only tolerated me because of her; who would want to hang around with the painfully shy girl who hardly talked and had anxiety issues? I didn't blame them, I wouldn't want to hang out with me either but it all changed when I met Him.

Before I even saw him , I felt his aura of dark dominance and it took all my will not to fall to my knees at the amount the power he was radiating and when I looked into them deep dark dangerous eyes I knew my life wouldn't be the same - I was mated to the King Of Wolves.

This story is a BWWM story ✨

Warning : This book will contain mature content, language and has scenes of a violent nature and the wolves in this book will be much more dominate, aggressive and possessive than the usual wolf so please beware of some dark and upsetting themes.

Cover by the super talented  xXArachnidXx 💜✨

Really? Cause I'd say you're the boring one. Cliche pretty girl captain of the cheerleaders. Sounds pretty boring to me. I know a lot of people who love to read and they are the most interesting people I know.
ReArtemis ReArtemis Jul 07
Ray_di_ant Ray_di_ant Apr 08
Well their is no such thing as being any race as half Jamaican but you can be half black
iilacey iilacey Apr 24
ok why does she sound just like me , dimples, glasses, half jamaican half white, and not that physical 😂😭
Regenexx Regenexx Jun 22
I started reading on wattpad when I was 12 or 13 and now I'm 16 but at 13 I was reading mature scenes and ignored the age requirement 😂😂
Warrior219 Warrior219 Apr 02
I love camping and being outside. Especially if I have books. I love reading outside. I could probably read three books in twenty-four hours, and if I tried maybe more.