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Pranks! With KomaHinaNami

Pranks! With KomaHinaNami

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OJ Hope N'Games By KomaHinaNami Updated Jun 22, 2016

Hajime: We got bored so we deiceded to make you guys ask or dare us to do stuff. 

Nanami: It's going to be a lot of fun...I think.

Komaeda: Hopefully you guys aren't too dirty minded because...things will get awkward quick.


Ask the Three best buds anything you like, but try to keep it relatively appopriate.

SeiNai SeiNai 3 days ago
Mocking Jay,Mocking Jay,MOCKING FUDGING JAY DARN REFERENCES THO!JAY FROM THE DARN KUBZ SCOUTS.Another darn reference tho,can't cuss online so I have to do censor terms tho.-Uther-chan
shiroganeigh shiroganeigh Jul 01, 2016
Hmm, ask or dare to do stuff, huh...
                              Now then, Hajime. Will you do Nagito for me?
                              ..I'm sorry, I meant that Nagito pranks Peko by taking out her sword and filling it up with Gundham's hamsters.
jan_danchou jan_danchou Jul 03, 2016
Nagito pranks Gundham by replacing his hamsters to rats. ^-^ Thats all...
PoisonDR PoisonDR Sep 26, 2016
Hajime: 'blah blah blah' your you and the we're HinaKoma
                              Nanami: ....what?
                              Komeada: what was that last part?
                              Hajimeme: *grabs Komeada and runs*
DiscoSweater DiscoSweater Jun 02, 2016
I actually feel bad cause it's like 'Texts from these crazy awsome people!!! Oh and Hinata's there too
- - Feb 05, 2016
Nagito Pranks Sonia by pretending to be Mangle (From FNAF 2) and says the only way to cure him is to do the nae nae!!!