Pranks! With KomaHinaNami

Pranks! With KomaHinaNami

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OJ Hope N'Games By KomaHinaNami Updated Jun 22, 2016

Hajime: We got bored so we deiceded to make you guys ask or dare us to do stuff. 

Nanami: It's going to be a lot of fun...I think.

Komaeda: Hopefully you guys aren't too dirty minded because...things will get awkward quick.


Ask the Three best buds anything you like, but try to keep it relatively appopriate.

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Levoen Levoen May 27, 2017
Mocking Jay,Mocking Jay,MOCKING FUDGING JAY DARN REFERENCES THO!JAY FROM THE DARN KUBZ SCOUTS.Another darn reference tho,can't cuss online so I have to do censor terms tho.-Uther-chan
shiroganeigh shiroganeigh Jul 01, 2016
Hmm, ask or dare to do stuff, huh...
                              Now then, Hajime. Will you do Nagito for me?
                              ..I'm sorry, I meant that Nagito pranks Peko by taking out her sword and filling it up with Gundham's hamsters.
ofpeculiar ofpeculiar Jul 03, 2016
Nagito pranks Gundham by replacing his hamsters to rats. ^-^ Thats all...
PoisonDR PoisonDR Sep 26, 2016
Hajime: 'blah blah blah' your you and the we're HinaKoma
                              Nanami: ....what?
                              Komeada: what was that last part?
                              Hajimeme: *grabs Komeada and runs*
DiscoSweater DiscoSweater Jun 02, 2016
I actually feel bad cause it's like 'Texts from these crazy awsome people!!! Oh and Hinata's there too
- - Feb 05, 2016
Nagito Pranks Sonia by pretending to be Mangle (From FNAF 2) and says the only way to cure him is to do the nae nae!!!