Inject Me Sweetly / Dusk Until Dawn

Inject Me Sweetly / Dusk Until Dawn

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There are TWO separate stories under this story group!

Inject Me Sweetly:
Vampires. Mythical creatures. Horrifying creatures. Creatures of the night. The creatures that make up Emily Brown's worst fear. Ever since she was little, the thought of vampires had sent her heart racing. So what happens when she somehow gets mixed up with the very creatures from her nightmares? When she's suddenly taken from her family because of something she had no control over? And there's something else... Something special about Emily's blood that has every vampire in the vicinity trying to steal it. But the problem is, Emily barely even has enough for herself.

Dusk Until Dawn:
When new neighbors move into the creepy house next door, Maddie begins to become curious about them. After a terrifying accident, she learns that her new neighbor, Damian, and his family are vampires. Knowing the secret, she is now put in danger. And so is her best friend, Dustin. A vampire wants him dead. But can Maddie stop this from happening? Or will Dustin end up dead?

  • action
  • betrayal
  • comedy
  • danger
  • date
  • death
  • fantasy
  • humor
  • kidnap
  • king
  • revenge
  • romance
  • royalty
  • school
  • secret
  • vampire
  • vampires
You said you wrote this years ago when you were young.  You did an excellent job for a fledgling writer.
Dee_baiii Dee_baiii Jun 03
Is this an interactive story?? This sounds really familiar lol. Vivi and Joel rings hella bells
Moahyahh Moahyahh May 27
Is Vivi his name? It reminds me of a manga about a demon named Vivi who take care of a little girl named Hana and they fell in love with each other!!!
When you finished the interactive story first before this and found out about Joel. 😏😏
bookwurm72702 bookwurm72702 5 days ago
Literally all I can hear is “Don’t call me Nimphadora”.
kdr206 kdr206 a day ago
I can relate cause my name's Victoria and my friends call me vivi