Chat Noir's Sexual Dreams

Chat Noir's Sexual Dreams

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noregrestes By noregrestes Updated Mar 01

A collection of Chat Noir's sexual fantasies right here for you to read!

Description of each story in the beginning of the chapter!

(basically one-shots)

_ja_crispy_ _ja_crispy_ Mar 13
Satan has created something using words in his true form 0-0' This is dangerous to the human race! Burn it with fire!!!!!!!!
No offense but what does her being on her period have to do with the dream (NOT HATE)
No way that pic😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😵
K2yinza K2yinza Mar 01
I tooootally didn't download that picture. Yep. OK I DID BUT I REGRET NOTHING LET MY SHIP SAIL
Musafox Musafox May 07
Kid I'm kinkshaming you... I lost it at daddy. How dare you.
Desteil_SPN Desteil_SPN May 20
Omg why..
                              MARINETTS ON HER PERIOD?!?!
                              That must be a LOT of blood..
                              Don't you hate it when you thought ur period wasn't gonna start for a while then BAM! The day you don't wear a pad and/or tampon, mother natures like BITCH YOU THOUGHT