Olivia Stacey-Alice Wilde... that's what her brother named her...
    Her father left before she was born and her mother died during child birth... that's the only reason she hates her birthday and doesn't celebrate it.
    Olivia never met her parents and has had a troubled and scary past. Now moving to America for her older brother, Robert, there she meets new friends and her so-called 'soulmate', but what if her past gets in her way of being with her 'one true love'? Danny Balthosar... a bad boy...
    Find out in 'Time To Step Up'...
You can't go to bed without a cup of tea, and maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep
@charlie-milkshake oohmg iv read that book too and i loove it haha
                                    small town in lancashire, Accrington, and that's where the main character comes from, and i go to the hollins, like the character ahaa x x
@charlie-milkshake London! :D I'm not from the ghetto parts or anything, I just mix the words in with normal English now and then without noticing.
                                    ahaa where u from? x
                                    i always use english slang, it drives my teachers nuts, so just to take the piss i speak posh english ahaa xx
I just realised how much I love English slang, though I hardly use it...