One Night Stand

One Night Stand

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nyamilan By nyamilan Updated Mar 13, 2016

One night, six years ago on her 20th birthday, Milan involved herself in a steamy, outrageous one night stand with a man whom she's never seen or met before. The next morning, the mysterious man and Milan said their goodbyes and never contacted each other again. That was two thousand one hundred and ninety one days ago.

                 Days after, Milan finds herself with a late period and terrible sickness. She takes a pregnancy test and its positive. With no way to contact the man, Milan ends up in a dark hole with no answers as to what she should do.

                Months later, she delivers a set of twins into the world. A beautiful baby girl Aliyah and a handsome baby boy Alijah. 

               Six years later, she's working full time, taking care of her twins and enjoying life. When the mysterious man from six years ago shows up to one of Milan's friends wedding, there's so much chemistry, love, curiosity, awkwardness surfacing between the two. Milan's holding a secret deep within her. How will Tyreek take the news she kept from him for six years?

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That's my name so Ima think I'm in this story for now on lol
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We this at my son 8th grade graduation n we didnt bang on nothing. my son 3 yr old preschool.I couldn't stop August 16 he will be getting out my face this year first yr in high school.Thanks goodness his high school will be wearing uniforms.this yr.