Help Her

Help Her

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Amy By Ferralawesome567 Updated Nov 09

The Blackbourne team has an assignment from the Heaven Association or The Academy, as the team likes to call it, to go to Earth and save a girl by the name of Sang Sorenson. 

Sang has lived a terrible life so far, with her loving mother dying in a car accident, her abusive drunk father rarely home making her have the responsibility of taking care of her younger siblings, and on top of that having depression doesn't help her situation. When 9 people come into her life, will they save her? From herself? From the friendship she has with a razor?
And will she fall in love with one of them?

(I don't own the blackbourne team or Sang, or Jade, Rocky, and Greg. I do own the plot and The other characters.)

Yay yay yay! I'm happy now! I am really excited to see what's going to happen 😄
KeairaLTVAC KeairaLTVAC Apr 26
I loved it, and you showed the boys personality awesomely. Can't wait to see where your story leads.😊
amylynn88 amylynn88 Aug 18
Color me intrigued! This sounds like an amazing twist on the story! Can't wait to jump in and get a better feel for it 😀
karissa126 karissa126 Apr 28
This is awesome!! I love it!!! Can't wait for the next chapter!!  You did a great job on the boys personalities!! Well done!!!😄