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dirtyyarn By dirtyyarn Updated Feb 16

DELIVERY, a 2016 WATTY Award winner, featured in Cosmo Magazine and as an Editors' Pick on Wattpad After Dark.

Harry is a graduate student studying for his master's degree in business and buying into an expanding organic restaurant. With intense determination, he pursues a former professor who is ten years his senior. She has a violent past and a nasty ex-husband. Harry finds himself pulled into her battle to free herself from the past. Harry is prepared to fight for what he wants, and in this case, he wants Professor M.

"For Harry, there was no turning back. The nerves were coiled in his belly, snaking through his bloodstream, pounding in his brain like an infection. Trepidation, however, would not end his quest for her. His physical need for Madelyn was nearly as overwhelming and the need to know her mind and envelop her essence. Whatever made her the woman she was, he craved it as though his hunger was insatiate. This wasn't a game or a dalliance for Harry. He was all in, feet first. Now he had to convince Madelyn to throw caution to the wind and jump with him."

ssophrosyne ssophrosyne Jun 29, 2016
Already loving it, beautiful writing, descriptions are on point, and your portrayal of Harry seems so, so lovely. Very much looking forward to reading this story, I love the fact that it seems quite different from all other Harry fics I've read on here. :)
hallotom hallotom Sep 24, 2016
I'm relatively new to HS fiction, and had this story suggested by 2 people. I love a story with an older woman ;)
kitten_tina kitten_tina Dec 19, 2016
Wow, I already love this. So beautifully written 😦😍👏🏻
dirtyyarn dirtyyarn Jul 23, 2016
That would be @styles_orama - She takes oceanic wildlife as seriously as H.
alessandra alessandra Jun 27, 2016
Great start! I love that we jump right in to their lives, and the ending has an excellent hook. Harry as an ambitious delivery boy is such a sweet image! ❤️
harrehstilesismylife harrehstilesismylife Jul 23, 2016
Literally dying because someone said "DONT GO TO SEA WORLD" ily whoever you are