The Wolf & The Hood [ SebaCiel ]

The Wolf & The Hood [ SebaCiel ]

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[ i do not own the cover ART but i did make the cover. this story takes place in the 17th century in the early 1600's ]

Ciel Phantomhive - better known as 'Crimson Killer' is a sixteen year old, cold blooded, psychopathic killer. He lives in the depths of the woods and whoever ventures far enough, he kills. He likes playing with his victims, often making it a game of hide and go seek. What happens when his prey outsmarts him and turns it from hide and go seek to tag?

Sebastian Michaelis is known as the Big Bad Wolf of his village. The local militia sends him to find who is murdering the townspeople. While out, he finds a distraught boy. He finds his mysterious aura alluring and takes action. Big mistake.

lol, at least, he has a roll, which is a good one here. And I hope the breads were edible >3>
Dev_Senpai Dev_Senpai Apr 17
I feel like this is kinda alois's store. Because Claude Mande him evil because he would not give him love. And now ciel is evil because his parents wouldn't give him love.
Ah yes little red riding hood is very morbid
                              Seriously am I the only one who got the photo of little red riding hood ciel
Grell I'm sure. 
                              Ciel favorite color is navy blue or midnight blue
sebastian will u do the me a favor and meet this human so sebaciel happens with the little sebaciel babies but no lemons plllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzz