Good Boy'~Exo Baekhyun

Good Boy'~Exo Baekhyun

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#ExoSavedMyEdges By jadaautumn Completed

Your stereotypical werewolf.

Is either antisocial or extremely social.
Gets bitten out of the blue by an alpha.
Saves the girl from many things on many occasions.
Supposed to be muscular and sexy 25/8

If your looking for that story I suggest you exit.

Because Werewolf Baekhyun is almost none of the above.

A once serious werewolf is turned into a complete goober when he meets Lee Minji. The relationship was rocky at first. But once they became friends. Baekhyun became the clumsy and comical guy we all love.

Even though he is threatened by his own pack.
He still keeps a rectangular smile on his face.

But will that smile fade once his pack goes after Minji?

"Good Boy"

Find out more details in page one of GOOD BOY.

{Inspired by the film A Werewolf Boy}

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MaroonMatotokkie MaroonMatotokkie Jul 31, 2017
Haha, this is me. Whenever my mom calls out my name it's always about doing something.
Nicole_is_here Nicole_is_here Sep 09, 2017
im re-reading this because i forgot most of the story and i want to read the second book and i'll probably cringe at my older comments ^^;;
_Officially_kimberly _Officially_kimberly Mar 08, 2016
this sounds like the korean drama movie named"a werewolf boy" but ur style i like iti
WeirdChingu WeirdChingu May 30, 2016
My opinion about it so far is that ITS FABULOUS xD it's really good :3
ae_yeonnie ae_yeonnie Jan 14, 2016
Kyaa more and more of this is making me curious about the upcoming chapters