Proving They're Worth (Zodiac)

Proving They're Worth (Zodiac)

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Snowlette By Snowlette Updated Aug 25, 2017

Every century, the land of Zodiaca chooses 12 teenagers to be the new Zodiacs.  But before that happens, the people of Zodiaca, must know that the chosen 12, are capable of handling the future of their home.

In Zodiaca , there are two major schools.  Drierion and Starkeep. Within these two schools, are six students, that have been chosen to be the Zodiacs.

Now before these 12 become the new Zodiacs, they have to be trusted.  They go on a dangerous adventure, to show they are the rightful owners of the Zodiac title and prove they're worth.

This is your typical high school story, but add in school rivalry, with love triangles, along with a dangerous adventure, and what do you get?  I don't know...

Find out yourself...


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tealtears_ tealtears_ Jun 12, 2018
@Pat_1023 I never thought you'd be a boy here.. I'm practically holding up my middle finger to this author.. -_-
                              (If authornim sees this pls don't kill me im'ma scram now!)
bowtrvckle bowtrvckle Feb 01, 2018
As a Gemini, I have to follow Meghan and Hunter (my best friend is a Sagittarius) and like the other “dastard school” better so please, Mr. Tron, do kindly eff off
alohaherron alohaherron Jan 25, 2018
Dude, okay so my name is Acacia, but it’s spelled differently. And the boy I like is named Zach. Illuminati or what?❤️❤️😂😂
jade_thecapricorn jade_thecapricorn Jul 13, 2018
LMFAOOO i have never rode a horse so same Stevie. But the boys are so adorable😂😂😭
I’ll just imagine Aries is Gary but with reddish-brownish hair and emerald eyes