The Artificial Mate

The Artificial Mate

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chloe By ceejay1163 Updated Nov 04, 2010

I sat in the living room of the science lab and waited. I was waiting for my mate. The girl who would be the love of my life. 

You see my father got into this poker game with a bunch of guys from other packs to make a truce and seem more friendly towards them. One of the players invited the Alpha's son of our enemy pack, Ethan. He won the game and my father owed him a great deal of money but Ethan refused to take an Alpha's money. Even from an enemy pack. Instead he wanted my father to step down on his little sister Ava's 16th birthday when her father would step down and she would take over. Usually the oldest sibling will become Alpha but Ava has been home-schooled especially to become Alpha and no one other than her parents and her brother's have seen her. 

In honour of my father stepping down, me taking my rightful place and Ava been seen by the world we are having a massive party. Which brings me back to why I'm here. There is one more catch that our pack lives by. No Alpha is allowed to take full control until they have been mated. So I'm waiting to meet my artificial mate. Her name is Libby and she has been programmed to be my mate until such day as she finds me.

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ceejay1163 ceejay1163 Jun 10, 2012
@LadySyn sorry to hear about your Leukaemia. I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with Leukaemia and I am going to get a tattoo that says 'stay strong' and organise a relay for life team in support of her and people I know who have cancer
ceejay1163 ceejay1163 Jun 09, 2012
@LadySyn  it doesn't have the five W's its just rambling as far as I'm concerned
LadySyn LadySyn Jun 08, 2012
I'm left with a bad case of confusion as to the five W's. Who,what,where,when,why. Maybe, I'd I leave it and come back I'll be able to understand it better. Syn
lizzielizzie lizzielizzie Apr 04, 2011
i hope Libby is alright upload no please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<33:)~:P