Student Services (ON HOLD)

Student Services (ON HOLD)

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chaterboxxx By chaterboxxx Updated Jul 05, 2014

"Mikayla?" I nodded my head. With a sigh of relief and a perfectly white smile he extended his beautifully strong hand out to me.

"Sebastian. Sebastian Crossley." Hesitantly I took his hand and shook sealing my fate and literally placing my life in the hand of a complete and total stranger that wanted to make his sexual desires come true.

Mikayla is a typical college student trying to make ends meet. With the increasing amount of bills that need to be paid and the cost of tuition rising, she needs a way to come up with cash and fast. Her solution? Student prostitution. It;s a lot more common than one thinks and while she becomes another statistic, this will be a way for her to make some quick money but exactly at what cost besides her own virginity? Mikayla comes across many men that are crazy, dominating, loners, and cheaters but one in particular might even capture her heart, Sebastian Crossley. Rich handsome, and plenty of secrets that can send a typical girl running. His methods are unorthodox, something she didn't expect to see when she entered a world as scandalise as this.


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meme080 meme080 Oct 25, 2016
That's how I am in order for me to have something pink it has to be poppin
poeticallyspeaking poeticallyspeaking Dec 01, 2015
Pink is not my fav color but I also don't hate it. But if you're gonna have your whole room look like it got rained on by a cotton candy cloud, then that's when I won't like ir
QveenRe QveenRe Jun 09, 2015
I LOVE PINK!!!! Everything in my room is mostly pink except for my walls and small things here and there
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I despise pink too. The only reason I'll actually get something that's pink is if it to die for cute lol
XxKaylaLoveeXx XxKaylaLoveeXx May 05, 2014
so would you say Mikayla was on the chubby side? But i like her and.Angie