My name is Clarke Griffin. I am of the Sea Clan. I am the daughter of the vice leader of my clan, Abby Griffin, who is second to our leader Diana Sydney.

Our enemy clan is the North Forest Clan (or just the Forest Clan), always wanting to steal our land to gain territory for themselves. Their absolute insane savage of a leader will not give up on trying taking our territory. His name is Thelonious Jaha and ever since the death of his son, he has not been right in the head.

His second however, is saner than he is, but still will kill someone without a second of doubt. He goes by the name Bellamy Blake.

I am Bellamy Blake, Second of the Forest Clan and I hate it. I hate my life, I hate my leader, and I hate my position. I have to kill people on the command of my leader, and if I don't, I lose the only thing in my life I don't hate and the only I care about. My little sister, Octavia.

Well she may not be little anymore, but she will always be my most precious gem and will always be my little sister.

I am also secretly known as the Rebel King.

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bellamy-heart-eyes bellamy-heart-eyes Apr 22, 2016
I love that Raven is still determined to not let any disability get to her in this story
bellamy-heart-eyes bellamy-heart-eyes Apr 22, 2016
Oh my gosh Bellamy and Clarke just sat around talking about nothing for an hour?!?!?!??!?!??!?! CUTE BABIES YES