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$#!T!! I Kidnapped The Alpha(manxman)

$#!T!! I Kidnapped The Alpha(manxman)

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iwanttokill138 By iwanttokill138 Updated Jan 05, 2015

Jake Prescott and Christian Alvarez, two best friends in need of money try to help each other out. Soon that help turns into the kidnapping of the Alpha, Ryker Gage, of the deadliest pack in the world, the Deadmoon Pack. And the Alpha is also looking for his mate.

Alpha Ryker Gage, a young and a merciless alpha of the deadliest pack in the world, the Deadmoon Pack, is looking for his mate. In a turn of events, he ends up kidnapped while looking for his mate, only to be surprised later on with an amusing fact.

I hope you guys love it. Please do check it out. I anyways suck at descriptions and plus it's my first werewolf story.

Please let me know what you guys think. And of course this will have a minor sexual activity, but I will be maintaining another book for the full description of u restricted scenes. Don't want to fall into writer's block.



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Enjoy, guys.

I swear: every mate in every werewolf story ever smells like strawberries!
Xu-Weizhou Xu-Weizhou Nov 24, 2016
It will be good if i didnt know the age coz its still bothering me
Xu-Weizhou Xu-Weizhou Nov 24, 2016
I want to be stupid and smart as hell but im only a childish 15 y old. Tsk life sucks
Twinksters Twinksters Jul 31, 2015
I just read another book with someone named Jake Prescott lol
kristy__kat kristy__kat Jul 29, 2015
I'm sorry but this has got to be the worst kidnapping EVER. like at your own house and in YOUR LAP?! Just watch Ryker break the ropes in 5mins. XD
DakotaMack DakotaMack Apr 04, 2015
Prescott gas company is owned by my Grandparents and is there last name