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The Lost Puppy Love

The Lost Puppy Love

25.5K Reads 1.3K Votes 22 Part Story
Haidi Lee By XiuChenBaek101 Completed

This is a story about two stepbrothers trying to figure out their true feelings. Well, it's not , but... err... okay! It's ... just a little bit tho. Byun Baekhyun was dating Sehun, his first boyfriend a.k.a. his junior in school, but a problem occured, threatening their relationship. 
Park Chanyeol, a very kind gentle guy but also very childish and easy to be misunderstood, became Baekhyun's stepbrother during that time.
Chanyeol has a big dark secret and only few know about it. Well, even Chanyeol's dad didn't know about it.
However !!!
This big secret of his could bring chaos in Baekhyun's life without the younger realizing it. Baekhyun was physically and mentally hurt. Almost all the time he ended up crying in the end of the day. 

Just what exactly happened to the kind and gentle Chanyeol ?
Just what did Baekhyun did to be hated by Chanyeol ?
However, the more he was hurt by Chanyeol, the more he fell in love with his stepbrother.
How did it became like this ?
Baekhyun was so confused and he really didn't know what to do. 
So, how will this story end?
A happy ending?
A sad ending?
  Hi this is xiuchenbaek101, I'am sorry for some wrong grammars and spelling, I'am not really good in english.

AwsoemVirGo AwsoemVirGo Mar 04
I don't ship them... But it's okay... Coz I'm here for chanbaek only.. kaisoo and hunhan are bonus...
kaebsoong kaebsoong Dec 17, 2016
If luhan is the prettiest guy in your school than.....
                              WHAT IS BAEKHYUN
Omg my baby channie is acting so cute I can't take it I'm going to die.I swear to god if baeks channies new brother...
I'm a sulay supporter but I'm not mad, this is my low-key ship