Darren High School: Home to the Dangerous

Darren High School: Home to the Dangerous

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Elizabeth Clark By ElizabethClark9 Updated Jan 07, 2015

Andromeda Rinvoski has been all around the world. Her past is a lively one; She was left at birth and raised by Shaolin Monks to become the ultimate fighter; She has been a modern-day Robin Hood, a ninja, and an assassin. When her Sensei dies she goes ballistic; The world has been fearful of her since B.C, Yet she goes all the way to the 21st century still as a 17 year old? The last time she was hunted down was during the Salem Witch Trials, claiming she was a 'witch'. 

The year is 2013. She is the new girl and now attends Darren Highschool in Augusta, Montana; only for Werewolves,Shapeshifters, and Vampires  (and those who know of them). Never in her thousands of years of living has she encountered these..creatures, and now she has two years of highschool with them.

Can she keep her secret at bay? What happens when she meets the man she has apparently been waiting thousands of years for? Her mate. 

Will Darren is the hot-shot football star and the Alpha of the Adrasteia Pack. He is a Werewolf; His pack is ruthless and powerful and are objective to new-comers and Vampires in their town but they do sympathize and allow them to stay. He is what you would call a 'man-whore', traveling around and using women for his own pleasure.

YanAii0 YanAii0 Jul 16, 2016
Ughh shes so pretty and im here looking like a potato😭😭 (no offense to the potatoes out there)
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keep your hands to yourself and you won't get kicked over a balcony!!!! LOL She is sooooooo cool!!
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Omg no way - that's hunter?!?!!!!??? YAYYYYYYYY hunger games for life
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Andromeda is a loreal modeal, i think.
                              just search barbara palvin
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OHHHHH I love it !!!!! the idea is unique ;) cant wait to read the rest :P 
                              But what is she ?!??!?!?!?