The Rookie & The King

The Rookie & The King

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CiljeBilje By CiljeBilje Updated Jan 19, 2017

Street racing is a dangerous business, even so Olivia Quinn has been a racer her entire life. Her father sought to that, seeing as he was the King of racing in San Francisco, until his death when she was only 16 and just had begun racing.
Olivia's journey has been tough. She has made a lot of bad choices along the way, that continues to haunt her as she moves from her home town to Los Angeles. One bad choice especially haunts her as she is introduced to the racing world again. 

A childhood friend pulls her into the illegal Street racing again, though this time she is faced with the four houses of Los Angeles. The High Rollers; the gatekeepers to the list, The Lucky Seven, The Authentic, and The House, along with the King of San Francisco's streets. 

Olivia's journey has just begun but she feels it is already ending. Her journey is filled with, betrayal, love, friendship, trust and at least; Street Racing.

Warning: there will be insults, curses, rape and mature scenes.

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