Private Eye To You

Private Eye To You

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Jan Min Min By hannarie_21 Updated Nov 18, 2016

I looked helplessly, trying to search something aside the hunger-filled lust in the eyes of the rich filthy men cowering me. Something that could save and take me away from these predators ready to eat their prey. Though how much i want to run, my arms are tied. The strong, narrow, capsule-shaped metal that held my body firmly in place makes my hope vanished in vain.

That's when i met that golden eyes that seems to glow more as it turned in a darker shade like a cats'. And i couldn't help mouthing 'help'.

"Two hundred fifty thousand dollars!" She raised her hands in the air. Causing everyone to look at her.

"Five hundred!" The guy in black-suit smirks, making his maniac face uglier than a duck.

My savior stands like a princess as she says, "Guess, I'll have to make it  two million dollars."

All i could hear is the loud thumping of my heart as the guy in red nods and mark me SOLD. As he took the gold collar that was thrown to him--marking me hers.

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michi2020 michi2020 Mar 30, 2016
Is this girl in the book? I'm on like the 4th or 5th chapter and I haven't heard her name in the book
An_Kyut An_Kyut Feb 28, 2016
u made me laugh so hard author!hahaha
                              SEDUCING is really interesting Job!lolXD
An_Kyut An_Kyut Feb 28, 2016
shoot!author teary eyed na ako.huhu
                              lol...i love it already.haha