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BabySitter M.E

BabySitter M.E

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❤️‍simply.espinosx✔ By jazz_Espinosa_01 Updated Feb 12

You Think You Got Everyone Fooled,Don't You?. And No Matter How Hard You Try To Deny It, I Can Tell You,Care As Much About Him As Much He Cares about You. Admit That You Love Him,And I KNow That You Do. Admit The Truth. You Love HIm, don't You? Then Tell Him.

MiaBeauty03 MiaBeauty03 Feb 06, 2016
This so far is the story of my life and that's my name,except the baby sitting part
love_matthew1997 love_matthew1997 Jan 09, 2016
Update plz love so much the girls calling you Queen are right you are Queen
Lucy_Espinosa1997 Lucy_Espinosa1997 Jan 08, 2016
My friend told me to read you're story and I'm glad I am and yes we say Queen a lot @jazz_Espinosa_01
jazz_Espinosa_01 jazz_Espinosa_01 Jan 07, 2016
Thanks I'll update tomorrow on both story's @Queen_Tiffany101
jazz_Espinosa_01 jazz_Espinosa_01 Jan 07, 2016
Yea I'm going to update both story's today so I'm going to update the other story right now  @Queen_Tiffany101
jazz_Espinosa_01 jazz_Espinosa_01 Jan 06, 2016
I'm working on the next chapter already I'll put it up tomorrow when im done with it