His Sacrifice

His Sacrifice

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Diamondz By Diamond_anime Updated Sep 20

Every full moon, my village would sacrifice the most Beautiful girl to the Wolves, who were once known as our enemies. Our 'sacrifice' was a type of treaty among the wolves and us humans; the more purer the girl, the more they left us alone. It was a normal occurrence to see happen at the village, only this time It was I who was chosen.

She was dressed in a olden, white dress made of rags, along with a blindfold and a red cape with a hood. Her village dressed her so, due to the old story of 'Red Riding Hood'. Where, just like Sylvia was meant to be, was eaten by The Big Bad Wolf.

However, in this story she doesn't get eaten, she gets claimed. As this Big Bad Wolf, was now her mate.

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i love the picture at the top!  and this story is great so far :)
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