His Sacrifice

His Sacrifice

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BeastlyBeautyx By BeastlyBeautyx Updated Jul 24


In a village paranoid about beasts prowling their walls, comes a young, kind women named Sylvia. Punished for rejecting a proposal, she is chosen to be sacrificed to the predators. As sacrifices are the only thing that keeps them at bay.

However, what the villagers did not know, was the fact that they had just handed the beast its most powerful weapon.  It's mate.

:( I love babies. I would flip my sht if anyone tried to sacrifice my or anyone's baby. I would steal all of the babies. And keep them to myself. >:(
Hazel_BW Hazel_BW Apr 02
what happens when every beautiful girls is gone and u have to sacrifice the ugly ones and hes all 'u know what keep them'
That's really sick . What kind of priest is that? MAybe he's on the devil's side
mommapunkin mommapunkin Jul 24
Why are a lot of these paragraphs repeats and some *3* times or more?.....
Release the wolf so the fûck nut can die and see how it feels for the girls to die
dkraiter44 dkraiter44 Apr 01
so she is going to fall in love with monster that have been slowly killing off her village?