Harry & Ginnys  Life

Harry & Ginnys Life

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chapter 1 - teddy lupin

 Harry walked through the Great Hall, wiping his forehead. He'd seen the Great hall many times, with Christmas trees and real live bats, but he'd never seen it like this.

Bodies littered the floor and the sobs of their families and friends filled the air. Harry could see a flash of red hair towards the end of the hall, so he kept walking, frantically looking from side to side to see the body of each and every person that had died in the Battle of Hogwarts. 

He was grateful of his invisibility cloak now. Without it, people would be coming up to him and congratulating him. He didn't want, or deserve, their praise.

He looked to the right and stopped with a jolt. Subtly, he pulled off his cloak and dropped to his knees, landing next to a sobbing, elderly woman.

"Andromeda," He said. "I'm so sorry, I-"

"Don't be sorry, Harry dear," the old witch said bravely. "Their death wasn't in vain, was it? They'll be happy knowing that little Teddy here will be brought up...

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harry_potterlover7 harry_potterlover7 Sep 04, 2017
Lol who's reading in 2017?? Also im liking this so far😄😊
There's a meme that has a picture of Harry's parents, Lupin,Tonks, Sirius, And *Even though he didn't die* Snape. It says " They. Did. Not. Die. In. Vain."
5Funla 5Funla Oct 27, 2016
Author whoever you are we think alike when it comes to thinking what happens between scenes
Awesomizer123 Awesomizer123 Dec 04, 2013
Do Scorose (scorpius malfoy and rose weasley) and/or Tedorie (teddy and victorie)
fgurerox fgurerox May 04, 2013
loool...this is just amazing. n r u.british? u write like.i do...oops.im bein qeird now
                              but can u do me a favour? dont put hermione and draco together like loads.of ppl have...I HATE IT! i immediately stop reading
                              rant ova
                              i love this btw
tomskitt tomskitt Sep 18, 2012
Not bad! Isn't quite like Rowling, think you need to prioritise what Harry would be thinking and the events around him. I'm not sure they would bring a baby into an area that's falling apart and full of dead bodies, and would Harry be offering to baby sit? :L