Together (Hiccup x Reader)

Together (Hiccup x Reader)

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Louise Francoise By L0uiseDValliere Updated Apr 03, 2016

It was too early.

The day had only just begun but it was still dark outside. The noises that woke me up had signaled that there was yet another event going on. I stood up groggily, walking slowly downstairs and to the door. Opening it just a little, what I saw proved my prediction. Closing it once again, I ran to get a change of clothes and to put on a warm pair of boots.

I then went back downstairs. Looking around, I saw that my parents weren't anywhere to be seen.

'They must have gone out already.' I thought to myself as I took a piece of bread from the table and taking a bite. I ran out the door, greeted by the cold morning wind... and the battle cries of many vikings. All around me were burning buildings and giant, winged reptiles taking sheep and our food stock. 

Dragons would raid the village every so often, and we vikings would drive them away or perhaps kill them if given the chance. Normal people would leave this place. But not us. As much as we wanted to, we just couldn't...

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