burn || yoonkook

burn || yoonkook

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b e e By rockmechanyeol Updated Apr 07

Like the spark of a fire, 
Jungkook was a light to brighten the darkness that consumed Yoongi. 

Like the heat of a fire,
Yoongi's touch warmed Jungkook's empty heart, and lit the way to new beginnings.

Like the flame of a fire,
A love like theirs, as unpredictable as a blaze, must never be left to lose control. 

For love can sometimes burn. 
'BURN' ©

A yoonkook story, by @rockmechanyeol 

2016 - 2017

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Yeon_x_BTS Yeon_x_BTS Apr 05
Don't be afraid to catch feelings *whistles* right top drop in these feelings *mumbles cause thats all i know*
PeachyBummie PeachyBummie Jun 18, 2017
TBH boy x boy stories are hotter to me than regular stories or girl x girl stories
Yeon_x_BTS Yeon_x_BTS Apr 05
He says small figure
                              Yoongi: 5'8"
                              I see a difference in this math
Yeon_x_BTS Yeon_x_BTS Apr 05
Everyone is either friends with Jin, Rap Monster, or J-hope or Jimin. And then they all fall in love get freaky then the story ends and you get mad because you want more. I know how you hobes (no pun intended) work!
boi we got minus twenty celsius degrees in october here, don't complain
rockyastroad rockyastroad Aug 29, 2017
Story. Of. My. Life. Everyone always thinks I'm sad or angry because if someone speaks to me I avoid eye contact /: I'm not rude I swear, I just have anxiety!!!