The Boy I Live With

The Boy I Live With

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"So, you just took the keys? How did you know I let them under my towel?" A voice behind me asks. I jump and almost hit my head on the car ceiling. Jace runs a hand through his hair, which I notice is still fresh and moist from the water.

"Yeah, I wanted my phone. Proble-" I get cut off by the touch of his mouth against mine. Taken by the temptation, I wrap my arms around his neck and his wrap around my waist. My hand slowly runs through his hair.
 Our lips move together, creating a knot inside my stomach, one I never actually felt for any boy. Even my ex-boyfriend didn't create that type of feeling in me. Though, all deep inside, I know I shouldn't do this, but my mind has been taken away by Jace Robertson, my father's best employee's son. His hands against my bare back make me shiver, but a nice and warm shiver. He moves back and scratches the back of his head.

"Sorry," He starts,  a blush creeping up his neck."Your lips, everything... I just had to..." I blush, too and close back the car doors, throwing the keys at him. I pull my hair back over my shoulders and we make our way back to the resting area.

*  *  *  *
Makayla Evans, a 19 year-old attempting university, tries to focus on her studies, her main goal being to find a good job. Unfortunately for her, she is paired with a random boy, Jace Robertson, and she gets 'slightly' distracted by his presence. Through a series of pranks, adventures and... other stuff, they get to learn to live together and appreciate each other's company.
Follow a confusing relationship, and a new type a love.

2015-16 ©Arycia D.

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me1stephany me1stephany Nov 11, 2016
She gets me 😂😂who needs boys when you have wattpad,Netflix, and food
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'When I was slightly less stupid' me although my school thinks I should be in normal algebra so I'm skipping a grade in math