Kissed and Met - Short story

Kissed and Met - Short story

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laurey_buckland By laurey_buckland Updated May 25, 2013

This was the short story that inspired me to write A Girl's Guide to Fairy Tales. It's a Cinderella tale with a twist. It's amazing to see how my writing style changed over the course of a year. Enjoy x

I stared at Olivia in disbelief as I read the poster. 'You said speed date, not impede date. I've spent most of my life in the dark about will a blindfold help me?'

        'It's not that bad I promise,' she said at great speed. 'Besides, it's the latest thing and I know loads of people who've done it. You should face your fears Kate. You know it's the only way to overcome them.'

       All Olivia was missing was a white jacket and a clipboard. 'Thanks Freud, but this is just too much for me. That,' I said brandishing a claw like fist, 'that is what my nightmares are made of!'

        I forced myself to look at the poster again.

       'Come on Kate, love is nothing to be scared of?'

       On hearing the unmentionable word, my chest sank. I swallowed hard. 'But it's a b...

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lifeisgoodfanfics lifeisgoodfanfics Feb 17, 2015
Wow!  What a romantic first meeting.  Just when she was about to give up he walks....
IvanTonyKettlewell IvanTonyKettlewell Jun 07, 2014
This story is the best i have read in a long time. The twist seems so real and makes the story work in my opinion this story is better than the real one. This story has everything I like in a story which is , romance and a happy ending.
                              I Love this story.
jabberwocky123 jabberwocky123 Feb 08, 2014
This is a great story. I wish it was longer, but oh well! It's awesome, and unlike a lot of romance stories I read that have the characters ferociously kissing and undressing, but this is great. It's just love at first sight, but fifty times better. (BTW love at first sight is rubbish)
Oceanablue Oceanablue Jan 29, 2014
Lovely! Just as good as A Girl's Guide To Fairy Tales (which I bought)! Short and sweet I adored it!
laurey_buckland laurey_buckland Aug 21, 2013
It's where the fairy tale idea all started! This was published in a little book of short stories called The Ways of Love, after I entered a competition. So it does pay to enter your writing into every competition you can! ;)
PamiSimpson PamiSimpson Aug 20, 2013
So cute! What a great little shortie to put me to bed :) Wish I had a book full of these!