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ONLY MINE {YandereXReader}

ONLY MINE {YandereXReader}

70.7K Reads 2.3K Votes 28 Part Story
Our Love Is God By SkylerArmor Completed

"(Name),you will be mine,and only mine"                           
(Name) (L/N) moves to a new school, hoping for a new start. As time passes by she notices some things are going haywire, and it might all be happening because of someone's desire for her.
Will (Name) successfully notice before its too late?

Currently Undergoing Editing

Official_Ruby_BFDIA Official_Ruby_BFDIA Aug 22, 2016
You know Usagi means Rabbit, right? And my OC's first and last name is Mikasu Komashi, from Japan. Nobody steals her Senpai.
Shiz just went from 0 to 666 (don't kill me) real fudging quick tho X3
keagan20016 keagan20016 Dec 30, 2016
Stahp right there! I'm tired obe being called Yuk, Yukki-Chan, and Yuk-Chan
Roses are red.
                              Thorns at prickly.
                              I must say,
                              This escalated quickly.
Gamekronicshotgun Gamekronicshotgun Aug 15, 2016
Comments from the Hetalia fandom start erupting while all social media sights start to scream
ImAForgottenMemory ImAForgottenMemory Dec 15, 2016
Is she another version of Sailor Moon, because the picture has her buns on her head she's blonde, and her name is Usagi..