Before Marriage

Before Marriage

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Nichii By Nichiirawberry Updated Jan 02

In the hidden village, peace was once again, restored. Undeniably, romance started to bloom in the air of Konohagakure years after the shinobi war and before they had their family on their own.

For kunoichis, it might have been one of the best and memorable years. On the other hand, it was completely opposite to the other gender, especially to those who was no more than a rookie for a thing called love.

So.... how did they end up together?

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Sorry for the confusion guys. To answer your question:  Yes, Kakashi  isn't the Hokage.. yet. I added this time interval so I could write light SasuSaku moments before Sasuke leaves the village for his road of redemption.
SasuSakuSaraUchiha SasuSakuSaraUchiha Mar 21, 2016
But… Kakashi is the hokage after the war, oh and Sasuke left the village after he recovered in a few days still CONSCIOUS....!
RelenaPeacecraft1 RelenaPeacecraft1 Apr 23, 2016
                              Can you explain to me why you are playing a match maker?
KnivesandPens20 KnivesandPens20 Apr 04, 2016
My brain farted and I read "the cold hearted Sasuke fell in love WITH he lazy shikamaru
Meg1016 Meg1016 Apr 05, 2016
Make an update please 😆 I've been waiting since april 1 please 😄
Gamergal124 Gamergal124 6 days ago
Sasuke woken up? I wonder what he got hurt from unless the plot is after the war 😧