Divided [A Kylo Ren/Ben Solo Fanfiction]

Divided [A Kylo Ren/Ben Solo Fanfiction]

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Ophelia Kenobi and Ben Solo were the best of friends when they were young - practically inseparable. They would sacrifice themselves for the other. They were full of love and laughter. Ben and Ophelia had even come up with their future together.
  But, when Ben turns from light to dark, he does something to Ophelia that makes her feel so horrible that she runs away with his uncle. Ben, or now Kylo Ren, leaves his family behind and takes his place in The First Order.
  When the two meet each other again years later, they aren't on the best of terms. They obviously feel nothing but hatred towards each other... and maybe just a little bit of love...

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 Under MAJOR editing as of this moment, but still readable. If the chapter has a check beside it, that means that I have edited that part.

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