FNAF Boyfriend Scenarios {Human Version}DISCONTINUED

FNAF Boyfriend Scenarios {Human Version}DISCONTINUED

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CoryxKenshin By catherineannewaffles Updated Jan 13, 2017

I made this book because I promised some of my old readers (Not old by the means of 'old' before) That I'll make a FNAF boyfriend scenarios...
But note to my other readers (the old ones) who are reading this
that this will be a different one but with the same characters except for the scenarios.

But still please read and enjoy.
Don't forget to vote,follow or comment!!! <3

Characters here: 
Golden Freddy or Goldie

If you guys have any requests like for the next coming chapters,new characters,etc... I am happy with it and I will try to make it happen.

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*sees freddy twerking* ..... Stop it now..... Hehehehe *trues not to laugh but giggles* s-tahp! *laughs* Hahahahahahaha!!! Ok ok... You win..*leaves freddy alone*
I can't BEAR those puns of yours author chan (what can we call you or do you not care)
"Shocked, You looked at cam 2B." relation to Mandopony's "Just Gold"
Rikka115 Rikka115 Jan 04
Awww!! HUGS!-- wait why do i think everything is cute? Im not like this at all! :[
                              But still-- theyre scary..
DOUBLE_B323 DOUBLE_B323 Jan 02
Me:Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*inhale*aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasky                          Masky: oh for the love of god
Too much creepypasta references!! Dis makes me happy! I like fnaf and creepypasta! Thank chu author!