Mafiosos and Yokais (KHR x NnM)

Mafiosos and Yokais (KHR x NnM)

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ヘレナ By HelenaVWG Completed

This story begins after all of the Arcobalenos already break their curses. So Adult!Arcobaleno. And also Nurarihyon No Mago -Not the Sennen Makyo-

Sawada Nana, the mother of Sawada Tsunayoshi is actually the supposed-to-be-dead daughter of Nurarihyon, or the 1st heir of Nura Clan. So, Tsunayoshi Nana's son have half of human's blood, quarter of Vongola's blood, and another quarter of Nurarihyon's blood.

After the fight, Sawada Tsunayoshi and his guardians are having a peace life or it's supposed to be.. Everyone except Tsuna are having a peace life. At night, Tsuna always felt his blood boil and that ruining his time to sleep. Good thing Reborn is on his vacation though.

Tsuna, every night, every each night felt his body is on fire and his blood boil. He also felt unease. There is some weird aura around the town which make Tsuna's blood boil and felt unease. But at morning Tsuna felt like always. Go to school like always.


I don't own KHR and Nurarihyon No Mago at all!

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The1827Animaniac The1827Animaniac Apr 20, 2017
When I saw this I was like might as well watch Nurarihyon no Mago so I'll at least understand it and it was awesome now I'm on Sennen Makyou ( Season 2 ) and I just wuv Shoei and Rikuo.
Wait why is he enrolling in the school here if he's just not participating in the class trip in Namimori? He's still enrolled there.
Ama_tsuki_Myu Ama_tsuki_Myu Nov 10, 2017
I was thinking wakana then... Oh yeah... young master is wakasama
dmcelestial25 dmcelestial25 Feb 11, 2016
This story is amazing! And the idea is suprising,never would have thought the author will write a KHR AND NnM crossover! Interesting idea author-San!!!
Mizuha-chan Mizuha-chan Jan 25, 2017
so its fear vs dying will then I wonder what tsuna's fear will be
TheLonerLion TheLonerLion Mar 27, 2016
I don't know why. But I keep laughing read this fic.... I like it! No.... I love it!