The Forest ➳ Hetalia Reader Insert

The Forest ➳ Hetalia Reader Insert

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lani By kispocke Updated Dec 28, 2017

(Supernatural Hetalia x Reader)

When a man suddenly disappears in a small town, (y/n) is determined to find him, but gets tangled in a world of the supernatural. From vampires, demons, ghosts, and more, it's a journey filled with dangers, friendships, and perhaps love. 
(I do not own any of the media/pictures/art/cover/hetalia)

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DanganTaliaFan DanganTaliaFan Aug 07, 2017
Hallucinations is a sign of something bad!! Mostly in horror
I don't usually get a sudden chill in stories like this so brownie points to you
I find rats adorable so it’s more like little tiny skitter from heaven in my opinion XD
KrystalWulf KrystalWulf Mar 20
When I and my best friend were like 10 she didn't know what people from Japan were called, and so she decided they were called Japanzees.
CimmicaCocoa CimmicaCocoa Dec 29, 2017
Mine isn’t big, but it isn’t consider small XD STILL GROWING THOUGH. Wow this is an uncomfortable subject. I’ll stop.
CimmicaCocoa CimmicaCocoa Dec 28, 2017
Because you can obviously hallucinate a SOUND. A MOTHERFKING SoUNd