Saving The Boy Named Elliot

Saving The Boy Named Elliot

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Asude Kumas By AsudeKumas Updated Apr 06, 2017

Elliot Locksmith. An 18 year-old boy who is known as the quarterback of the school. He runs fast at track, and tackles people at football. Well, he used to. After a year of his sister's death, he tries to become invisible. He wears leather jackets, black gloves, smokes cigerates. But instead of the big hearted, sweetheart, people used to know him for, they know him for the bad boy, heart breaker, and a kid who puts trash on fire. 

Then there's Elena Giovanni. A 17 year-old girl. A girl who runs fast at track, and starves her self. A girl who has leg problems because of an incident that happened a year ago. She's insecure to show her body. She has many friends and she never got in trouble. Until one night, Elena decides to go for a run (for the first time ever since her accident) through town. Instead of breaking her record, she bumps in a drunk boy who's name is Elliot.

Drunk, and slurring his words, Elena decides to help him. "He won't remember this after all." Is what she thought of.

But she was wrong.
Dear Elliot, I don't like you.
   P.S : a black eye sure doesn't suit you 

            only o's , Elena

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maddog2026 maddog2026 Mar 08
damn. I'll watch it later tho bc I'm at school starting this book lmao
YaelAbbo213 YaelAbbo213 Jun 26, 2016
Why did you stop updating?
                              I don't get it sometimes you start a story you make me fall in love with the characters and then you stop updating and then in one point I regret reading the story
                              So please don't make me regret!❤🙏
liliharriesx liliharriesx Jun 27, 2016
What song is this? I know it's no scrubs by who by? Because this ain't the original and I really like it
YaelAbbo213 YaelAbbo213 May 13, 2016
Please keep updating you write amazing and I couldn't stop reading the first chapter❤❤
KDenise_22 KDenise_22 Sep 10, 2016
Lol the main girl in my story is Elena and her twin brother is Elliot Giovanni 😂😂😂 wow and in here they're gonna fall in love
Jananinaninchen Jananinaninchen Oct 23, 2016
Sadly there aren't many chapters here. But because of this one chapter i can't nor do i want to wait to read more ♥