It All Happened With A Football (NEW VERSION) boyxboy ✅

It All Happened With A Football (NEW VERSION) boyxboy ✅

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Cynthia Espinoza By letthembefree1993 Completed

Alex Gallagher, is your typical outgoing 16 year old teenager with a big circle of friends and overly protective older brothers and caring parents. Behind the smiles and laughter hides a boy who struggles to fit in a school. Gets bullied constantly by his peers yet no one does anything to stop it. His brothers and friends can do so much yet it's never enough.

Riley Cordelli, is your average go getter with a stubborn personally. He's the school's star player and is captain of the football team. His life revolves around throwing a ball around with his friends.He eats and breathes football, you'll ever see him without a football.He has everything anyone dreams of having. He's one of the riches teenagers in his high school, after all his parents are one of town's best lawyers and doctors anyone has ever had. He gets what he wants and if he doesn't then there will be problems. 

What will happen when he accidentally hits Alex with his football one day in front of the school? Will Riley and his team laugh when they watch Alex fall of his skateboard or will he run and help him? You'll just have to read and find out in It All Happened With A Football.

LillyMoonLewis LillyMoonLewis Aug 03, 2016
I remember mornings when I was younger. Two of my older siblings crowding the tv and then me, my twin, my two older brothers and my two little brothers in the kitchen throwing cereal at each other... my parents had too many kids....
awesomenessdorah awesomenessdorah Oct 16, 2016
Hot damn, firemen's would would be after him because he's hot af, like damn
Frinella101 Frinella101 Oct 20, 2016
So many twins. How am I suppose to remember all these names!?!
swsjordan swsjordan Dec 10, 2016
Doesn't he have practice ? Yep ,Alex your very important to him because he's going to get chewed out but his coach
ShadeyHog ShadeyHog Apr 14, 2016
*looks at the title* The football of love has been launched. Waiting for the effects to start, over. *clicks off walkie talkie*
                              Gay Cupid: Heard ya loud and clear, Dark Heart, preparing the love gas, over.
DeadlySnyper DeadlySnyper Apr 21, 2016
I got a question,  do white people wash there hair every morning or every other morning. I really want to know ,  cause I wash my hair every two weeks. It a ligt question I have,  not trying to be rude or anything.