The New Me

The New Me

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Zoe Soto By SotoFish Completed

What will happen when an innocent, vulnerable girl meets a madman who have similar opinions on life? Will she try and run, or will he help her release her true self?

"You know, sometimes, life can suck." He softly spoke, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah, it can."

He lifted my chin, meeting my eyes.

"But that doesn't mean, you can't make it the way you want. And do anything you desire."

A smile spread across my face, as he handed me the metal weapon.

"No one can tell you otherwise, as long as your having fun." He smiled. "This isn't a game... It's your life. Choose what you do with it. You can make it a dream, or follow the rules, like all these other boring people do."

She held the gun against his head as she smiled.

"Hello there," She whispered, placing herself on his lap.

The guy stared at her terrified, which made her happy. She fed on his fear. Taking the gun away, she placed it against her temple, smirked, and eventually laughed.

"Please...don't hurt me." He begged.

She didn't answer. All she did was stare at him like the piece of meat he was. He began to cry, and yell for help.

"Yelp! Someone help us! Help me!" She yelled with him only to break out laughing. "No one's coming," She informed.

"Get off me freak! This is a big mistake! You're gonna pay for this!" He yelled.

She placed the gun back to his forehead, and shook her head, "Say hi to Daddy for me."
I do not own any Marvel Or DC comics characters. However, i do own Delilah. :D

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mikaylac257 mikaylac257 Sep 06, 2016
Hey there Delilah what's it like in New York city I'm a thousand miles away but girl tonight you look so pretty
Nerdy_HarleyQuinn Nerdy_HarleyQuinn Dec 24, 2016
Soto, its me MermaidMelisa, but my tablet did a factor reset and I forgot the password. . .
SkyWingandRedHood SkyWingandRedHood Jun 05, 2016
girl you live in gotham and pick somthing up .........yep you going to be dead fast rolls eyes and smacks her with my bo staff.. lesson one dont pick up strange things.... rolls eyes nice green hair mines dark brown almost black with blue highlights