Mistakes (Mabifica)

Mistakes (Mabifica)

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Genesis By NemesiSnow Updated 6 days ago

" Do you believe in magic? " Pacifica studied Mabel's brown eyes for some kind of bluff or joke in them. Finding none she smiled. 

" After everything that has happened. I'd say yes... . " She simply replied. 

At that reply Mabel Gleeful concentrated on the sidewalk as they both walked nowhere yet at the same time everywhere. 

" What about love? " Mabel broke the silence once again making Pacifica Southwest giggle. 

" Of course! My parents DO love each other. " Pacifica had a permanent smile for the rest of the hour. 

Mabel suddenly stop making the slightly shorter female stop. 

" What about me? "

" What about you? " Pacifica asked confused. 

" Do you believe you can love me.?"

///This is my very first fanfic.

This is reverse Mabifica and the story mostly focuses on them so be prepare for fluff! Romance and Angst!! 

Warning !! 

I don't own Gravity/Reverse falls !!
I did the cover but the art isn't mine, I do not own any art!! 
But I do own this story !!!\\\

I thought it was southeast or is it southwest in reverse falls??