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Rejected, Goodbye Forever.

Rejected, Goodbye Forever.

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Shelby By shelbyhegglund Completed

Gracie Grey  is a quiet girl, who does her best to stay hidden but being the sister to the Beta James, it proves to be difficult. Gracie is tortured at school but has learned to except it. She has a plan that consists of finishing her last year of high school and escaping her shitty home town and never returning. 
Her parents died along time ago so her and her brother live in their home with James and his best friend the Alpha Drake. On Drake's seventeenth birthday he is able to find his mate and he does, He was disgusted when his mate turned out to be Gracie. The girl he's spent years mistreating with the help of her brother. Drake is horrified that Gracie a shy fat sixteen year  would be his mate, the fates must have messed up. So he rejects her in front of everyone.
 James admits he hates Gracie as does the rest of the pack.  Embarrassed and heart broken Gracie leaves hopefully to never return. Once Gracie escapes her old pack and it's mistreatment she finds herself on another packs land. After explaining her story to the pack she becomes friends with five incredible boys.
When rogues attack Gracie's new pack her new family joins forces with her old to fight off the rogues. 
When the rogues come attacking and the  two packs are forced to join together for protection will Gracie stay and fight or will she and say Goodbye Forever.

AksiAky AksiAky May 16
I'm sorry but when she was buying the car she sounded so spoilt.
I mean when he rejected her that she would have accepted so thre wouldn't be a bond between them and she could fine her second chance mate
Yay I'm happy she's leaving but I wish she had accept his rejection
misfarray misfarray Jul 06, 2016
I'm not an emotional chick...but this made me I can't stop reading.
AMB_Maddie_37 AMB_Maddie_37 May 25, 2016
Is she actually "fat" or are they just being mean? I mean some times they call girls who look like twigs fat just to be a holes...
lone_flipper47 lone_flipper47 Aug 25, 2016
She is still so kind after everything that has happened to her..😭😭😚😚