Heartless *Paul Lahote* [Discontinued]

Heartless *Paul Lahote* [Discontinued]

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"You never looked back."
                         "You never gave me a reason to."

     Three years ago Lily Young made the decision  to stop her visits to La Push, Washington. She denied her Aunt and Uncle when they asked her to visit, she denied her sister when the older girl moved to La Push. Lily would not go back, she had promised herself that. But after missing the funeral for her Uncle Harry, lily decides she has to go back. The guilt of not being there for her Aunt and her cousins drives her back to her usual summer get away.
   She thought the hardest part of her short visit would be keeping her secret but she was wrong. Secrets come to light and people's lives start to change. But with danger looming on the horizon can two people overcome their pasts to build a future? Or have they both become too heartless? 

[Twilight: Eclipse] [Paul Lahote]

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Dragon_Rider_Jazz Dragon_Rider_Jazz Jul 24, 2016
It's better than the other way around, no offense to the actual legit good guys out there
I just read chap one and now I'm totally going to read it in class in the car in bed:)
PotterHeadDRAMIONE PotterHeadDRAMIONE Nov 03, 2016
I love James Young. I'll be good is one of my favourite songs