The Boy With Secrets

The Boy With Secrets

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. By wholightsmyway Updated Apr 09, 2016

Stiles Stilinski has a secret.

A secret that could send his whole life spiraling into hell.

A secret that could leave Beacon Hills in ashes.

[demigod!Stiles au]

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-kronos -kronos Oct 29
I’m so glad someone used Hephaestus because no one ever does
whitewolfredeyes whitewolfredeyes 9 hours ago
At first I read 'cat trouble' and thought 'smooth, real smooth' then I read it again
"You think Stiles- skinny, defenseless Stiles- is the Nogitsune- a powerful, dark spirit?"
Why they lyin' on stiles?!
                              They know he's more powerful than that!
JennyWre JennyWre Feb 13
Or a.. Wait, I cant come up with anything.. Oh, Yes, Yes i can.. Or a greek demigod. Wooow, How original Jenny..
bambuuo1 bambuuo1 Feb 24
Or just amazing, hot, and awesome. Maybe it's not cuz he was a demigod.