Harsh Realities (Septiplier AU)

Harsh Realities (Septiplier AU)

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Jack's young. He lives his life how he wants to, puts off everything like exams to the last minute to go to parties and sleep around. He blocks out his parents fighting, the threat of being evicted and his family becoming homeless, his strange mood swings and his acute drug problem. If you asked him how he was, he would always tell you he was happy as Larry. But really, he was lonely, vulnerable, and scared.

Mark lives an extravagant life. His parents were multi-millionaires, who sent him to the best boarding school money could buy. He was popular, smart, funny, high grades and had everything going for him in life, and was also known for being a bit of a lady killer. But there was something missing in his life, some kind of void that couldn't be filled by any girl, any good grade, or any car.

When Jack is told he only has one more chance at a new school in America, will he make the most of his opportunity? Or will he throw it away?

MoshoSwirls MoshoSwirls Nov 22
I'm going to reread this. I finally built up the courage. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
                              No, fukk this, I'll read it tomorrow.
Plz tell me no one actually comits suicide. I hate it when mark or jack die. 😭 but I'm okay with it as long as it's not real. It still makes my heart hurt though
Is it weird I can feel it in my arms if they cut them selves in the book
whaldcc whaldcc May 11
If anyone is thinking about reading this book, you have to. FEELS TRAIN IS TOO REALLLLLLL
It can't be a reference unless it's from a show or video.... Can it?
                              Any ways this sounds like it's going to be one hell of a book!
I'm a little sensitive to the topic of alcoholism and abuse references, but I think I'll be good. I hope this Fanfic is awesome : )