The Crying Game 3: Where Is The Love?

The Crying Game 3: Where Is The Love?

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August POV

Our lips and tongue were moving in sync with each other. I reached under his shirt and let my hands explore his body. He started kissing my neck and soft moans escaped my mouth. I put my hands on both sides of his face and kissed him with all the passion I had at the moment. He then switched our position and I got on top of him. I took his shirt off and attacked his chest with my lips. I kissed him all the way down until I reached his pants. I took them off and licked my lips at the sight of his print. I guess he found that cute because he chuckled a little. I tugged at his boxers and then we heard crying. Maine groaned. I smirked and gave him one last kiss. 

"Go get your son" I told him, still smirking. 

He got up and went to get Lamarr. Out of our kids Aubrie almost never cries, so we knew it was Lamarr. 

Jermaine POV

"Aye what you crying for?" I said as I picked him up. He stopped crying and got a little excited from seeing me. I love that he loves me so much. I chec...

tbossuknow tbossuknow Jan 31, 2016
It's been 2 years smh Trey don't realize he pushing him away and then he's gonna end up doing the thing he doesn't want him to
Nobaeforever Nobaeforever Jan 18, 2016
I see 😭!. All i can smell the drama just from you @ing me
teddybear_blast teddybear_blast Jan 09, 2016
Oop August be careful remember when he kind of whooped your ass
ItsRAEGAN ItsRAEGAN Jan 05, 2016
Now wa coach said is effing wild. It's not that Trey don't love Odell, he does buh he juss can't trust em. Sometimes it's hard too trust people even after 2 years.  Yeah buh wa Odell playing too do rn is juss gon turn out wrong .
woodie08 woodie08 Jan 05, 2016
Standing ovation for Odell it took him long enough. Trey may need professional help. Anybody else would have left dude already. Odell  can probably do better if he wanted to.
woodie08 woodie08 Jan 04, 2016
Trey need to get over it. 2 yrs waiting Odell' s time. He gonna make him get with someone else.. P.S. NEVER SAY  I's ......proper here would be "my".