The Plus Size Princess ✕ OBJ

The Plus Size Princess ✕ OBJ

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✕ Yvonnie ✕

My phone alarm rudely awakened me out of my sleep. My eyes slowly opened and I gazed off looking at my ceiling until I built the courage to get out of my bed. I hit the snooze button on my phone, shutting off the annoying alarm. I tiredly dragged myself inside my bathroom that was in my room. Today was Monday, and I hated Monday's with a passion. 

My name is Yvonnie Campbell, and I'm an 18 year old plus size/curvy girl. I'm a senior at Boyette High School, and I couldn't be any happier. I'm so glad it's my last year. I dislike almost everyone at my school. They love to make other people cry for their pleasure. I'm really insecure about my weight and I've always been teased about it-specifically my thighs since middle school, by Odell Beckham and his friends. When Odell says something to me about my weight, he hurts me the most. Maybe cause I used to like that jackass once upon a time.

Once I finished brushing my teeth, taking a quick shower, and washing my fa...

luhlee luhlee Oct 23
aint nun wrong with thick thighs , they is the shii 😛😛
PettyYFN PettyYFN Dec 03
lmfao. I'm getting banned to hell💀😭 omg he deadass wrong.
PettyYFN PettyYFN Dec 03
ummm, actually mf niggas love thick thighs😩😩💀 so where tf you been at? under a rock?
Forde415 Forde415 Sep 06
You know that because?  And as a  principal, why would  you even  state something like that to another student!
GabbyBlue_ GabbyBlue_ Aug 01
Thick thighs a life saver cause you can hide your phone from the teacher in the class 😂😂
LoveBri_123 LoveBri_123 Sep 01
😂yea they good, but Imma need more that a granola bar to satisfy me